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Package 1 - Primary Internet Business Package

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Package 1 is our primary Internet business listing service. This listing package creates the online foundation for your business information, all formatted and optimized for the search engines.

The LocalSitesFor listing helps position your business to show up when people are searching for your business name, products, or services in your local area. You can leverage Package 1 not only to help people find your business, but also to help your existing website be found in the search engine.

The process is straight forward and breaks into 3 steps:

  • Step 1 - Collect information on your business through a business survey in order to launch your business listing.
  • Step 2 - Assist you in targeting 5 products or services related to your business by creating specialty pages using keyword research provided by
  • Step 3 - Use your business information and specialty pages to optimize your content for the search engines and deliver it to hundreds of websites and listing services, multiplying the effect of your business listing in the search engines.

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For more detailed information on the process please see below:

Step 1 – Collecting Your Business Information

First and foremost we want to ensure your business name shows up in the search engines when someone searches for it. Period. So that's where we initially focus our efforts by helping you fill out our business survey. We gather as much relevant information about your business as possible including details like the brands you carry, hours of operation, any special driving instructions, service area, etc.

Don’t worry about being perfect the first time around; you can edit your responses any time you want. What's important is getting the information entered so we can start promoting your business as soon as possible.

Once the business survey is complete, we publish your information to our Business Listing Directory* and post it on its own dedicated Business Listing Domain. The complete business listing will included your business information, an about us page, a contact us page, and a map/driving instructions page. Unlike other listing services, your company information will always come first at the top of the page so your customers will see your business first, not your competitors, or national companies, or third-party advertisements.

*(A Business Listing Directory is a separate website owned and operated by that is a directory of your business information organized by name, location, and type of business. A Business Listing Domain is a website URL. This URL will be purchased and owned by to complement your current URL, if you have a website.)


Step 2 – Additional Product and Service Specialty Pages

As part of Package 1, you can create up to 5 additional specialty pages that are targeted to specific products or services that you want to promote. The secret to maximizing the effectiveness of these pages is to find out the exact phrases your customers are searching for related to your business offerings and create content incorporating those phrases.

Remember, the number 1 goal of search engines is simply to provide the best possible results for any given phrase typed in by a user. Our goal at is to help you identify and target the exact phrases searchers are typing in relationship to your products or services.

Does it matter if you know the exact phrase your customers are searching for?

Yes, it does -- and it can have a profound affect on your results!

  • Did you know that the phrase cornbread is searched on about 2.5 times more often that the phrase corn bread (with a space), even though according to Merriam Webster corn bread is the correct spelling?
  • Did you know that lawyer is search on over 3 times more often than attorney, but divorce attorney is searched on almost 4 times more often than divorce lawyer?
  • Did you know that using the singular versus the plural of a word can have a profound effect not only on where you show up in the search engines, but often even the kind of information the searcher is looking for?

We have made special arrangements with over 50 search engines to get access to their search databases and have access to over 300 million search phrases every month. Although there are billions of searches each month throughout the Internet, the data we have has proven to be fairly representative of the kinds of searches people are making.

For each of your specialty pages, we will do keyword research and provide you with a list of related keyword phrases. We will provide you with at least 5 related phrases and an estimated number of daily searches for the specialty pages you would like to create. Targeting your information for the terms your customers are using can give you a real edge over your competition in the search engines.


Step 3 – Optimizes and Delivers Your Content

When your business information and specialty pages are complete and posted,’s proprietary system takes over and formats, optimizes, and delivers your content, all designed specifically for the search engines.

Almost all of the distribution of your business information will be automatic. For the instances where we require direct help from you, the business owner, we will provide you step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process to ensure your business is set up correctly with other listing services.

This package includes delivering your business listing information to:

  • The dedicated business listing domain
  • business listing directory
  • Local listing services like Google Local, Yahoo! Local, MSN,, and many more (and growing)
  • A network of almost a thousand specialty websites including syndication for each of your specialty pages

No matter how searchers try to find you we want to ensure your business has every opportunity to show up in the search engines so your customers can find you.


Sign up -  Package 1 Includes:

» $197 One-time Setup Fee
» $97 per month (beginning month 2)
» Cancel at any time
» Dedicated help desk assistance via phone and email

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* Guarantee – 100% money back in the first 30-days. After the first 30-days the monthly recurring fee is charged. Can cancel at any time which will complete the current 30-day cycle and not renew.